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resort in ampara

The specialty of our service

Book your perfect hotel room at our resort in the heart of Ampara.

The state-of-the-art facilities in our rooms are uniquely designed to relieve your travel fatigue.

  • A/C & Non-A/C Both types.
  • Sanitary facilities.
  • That of ample space.
  • Clear ventilation.
  • Good security.
  • Local and foreign television facilities.
  • Rest & Dining area.
resort in ampara resort in ampara resort in ampara

Comfortable modern standard & luxury rooms.

Book your perfect hotel room at Rajawewa Resort in the heart of Ampara. Accurately and neatly arranged room facilities from us to experience any of your occasions freely and quietly. The staff at our resort pays close attention to cleanliness and hygiene and we strive to maintain our quality. If you are coming to Ampara to relax and have fun, if you expect quality accommodation at a reasonable price, Rajawewa Resort is the best place.

We offer local as well as exotic dishes for your convenience. Come and join us today to experience the ancient beauty while enjoying the holidays freely.


Rajawewa Resort

We need your help as well as ours to keep our Rajawewa Resort Hotel in good shape. This hotel has the facilities for you to have fun without disturbing others and you should also make sure that you make good use of these facilities and properties and behave in a disciplined manner. It is your duty not to intentionally damage the property of our hotel and not to smoke in the rooms. We appreciate your kind and disciplined behavior.