BBQ & Paduru Party

Paduru Party (Traditional Musical event) with Sri Lankan BBQ

resort in ampara
resort in ampara

BBQ Arrangement

Arranging a small BBQ event. Our hotel has facilities to cater to your needs BBQ meal.


Have a little fun with a song during the tour. !

Our resort has facilities not only for big events but also for a small party or a song with a small group of people. BBQ Arrangement and Mat Party are two such things. These are two addon plans to add more fun while staying. Here are some of the services provided to you coming to Rajawewa Resort.


Quite the way traditional BBQ - if you're ever left wondering

Our hotel not only has the traditional BBQ food but also the facilities to taste the BBQ system, including meat, according to naturally specific recipes. Take a leisurely stroll through the jungle and enjoy a meal prepared in a natural way while still feeling relaxed. This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the natural setting while staying with the natural environment.

Paduru Party

Great opportunity to show off your singing skills to colleagues whether they drink or not. Another adon plan from us to further enhance your fun while relaxing. Experience a sense of fun with traditional Sri Lankan music. This is an event where you can have fun singing, playing as well as dancing. Join us for a Paduru party at the Rajawewa Resort today.